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October 10, 2022



It is so, so, so good of you to do everything you can to keep your father in his home during this very challenging time. I know it must mean the world to him. Your quilt looks amazing, and I am eager to see more!

Pam D

Nichole, As difficult and challenging as it is to care for your dad in his home, it is a blessing not just to him but one that you and your family will treasure too. Easy to say but try to take care of yourself and your needs.

sue s

It is difficult caring for your father at home but I think worth it. We were able to do that for my mother and step-father as it was their wish, and it was a very comfortable environment. I will be thinking of you.
Is that Corey Yoder's setting? The quilts I've seen with this look great!


Glad you got a bit of sewing in! Glad too that you have helpful caretakers fo your dad. Thinking of you as you face these challenges.❤️


I'm glad to read that you're getting some help for your dad in addition to what you & your sisters are providing. Yes, it's expensive, but so worth it to keep him comfortable & able to remain in the familiar surroundings of his own home. And, some sewing is good to give yourself some 'down time'. I like this new pattern & the grey!


you and your family with never regret what you are doing to keep your Dad in his home. You are spot on about that setting for your blocks- it does make them just sparkle! Try to keep squeeking in a bit of sewing as you are able - it helps keep your batteries charged up!


I'm so glad you are able to get help with your dad. It is so much better to be in his own home for you and for him.

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