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October 24, 2022



I love your blocks and the 3" block is really cute, but I don't think I would want to make a ton of those either! Enjoy your porch!


Your front porch looks very welcoming, Nicole. And I agree about FQS block of the month programs - a few years ago, I joined in and had enough fabric leftover to add an additional row to my quilt. That is the best company. If anyone wants to know what quality customer service looks like - which is NOT someone reading off a script - I would hold up FQS as a perfect example.


Your front porch is ready for Fall! Sure hope your daffodils survive the squirrels--yet 'Squirrly Girl' is such cute fabric! How does that make sense? 😂 To use one of your words for difficult, that 3" block is way too 'fiddly' for me to even attempt! I agree with all of you about the level of service at FQS! It's a pleasure to order from them! Happy sewing this week!

Marie Woodhouse

Bravo you're blocks are beautiful! I love the socialites program and have been drawn to all that Kimberly Jolly does for the quilting industry, she is wonderful, funny and great energy to any who watch her on Friday's. I also love following you on this blog. I do like the 3 inch blocks and Kimberly has a great way to go about them by making your units bigger and then trimming them down. This is really for intermediate pieces to advance their skills and not so much for beginners. Your porch is very inviting and festive, hubby did a great job! Enjoy the week my friend.


squirrels dig up bulbs? damn. we had 1 squirrel that use to taunt our dog. she would try to catch that squirrel and didn't have a chance.

I do think the 3" block is adorable but it would be tedious to make in the long run. ;p

Sherry V.

To deter the squirrels, since you are using planters, put some small hole screen over the dirt…..then remove it in the spring. You just need to secure it so they don’t pull it up.

Your blocks are beautiful.

Linda Enneking

I've always thought squirrels don't bother daffodil bulbs, as they are toxic to them. I know squirrels love tulip bulbs though.

Amy L

Squirrels don't like daffodils, but they eat crocus, tulips and hyacinths. The 3 inch block is very cute, but would be tedious to make. Since Eva likes it, maybe you could make it into a Christmas ornament for her.

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