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October 17, 2022


sue s

Hmm it's not letting me post... Nicole just one step after another while you are "adjusting". And share memories any time you like. We will be there.


I’m so sorry for your loss. May I ask the serendipity quilt, is there a pattern? It is quite striking.

Lisa D.

I felt so numb for a long time after my father died in 2018. And we weren't as close as you were with your dad - my dad lived about as far away in the states as he could be. Anyway, give yourself grace, it will take time to adjust. Organizing the quilt room is always a great distraction. Love your Socialites quilt, the thread color and quiling design are perfect. Hang in there, Nicole.


Losing your dad will take some time for adjustment. You were so fortunate to have him in your life for such a long time. Be kind to yourself & don't rush the 'new normal'--it will come slowly, but it will arrive. Meanwhile, your quilt is lovely! And what a story it could tell with all the moving & excitement you probably never dreamed it would experience!

Mary Kastner

Thinking of you. One day at a time and be kind and patient with yourself.

Carolyn McIntosh

Your Sewcialites quilt has such a beautiful setting, a stunner with all the changes I enjoyed you blogging about. My father passed away at 101 on Mother’s Day in May. As an only child I had the honor to care for him and support him so that he was able to stay in his independent living apartment until about 6 weeks before he died. The memories of our time together during these last years are extra special, so worth the decreased time for things like quilting.


distractions are always helpful and welcome. the quilt really is beautiful and it now has a survived Ian.



It takes time to adjust and grieve a loved one’s death. When my mom was alive, I spent Saturdays with her. My daughter and I would drive the 70 miles to her place and spend the day with her. After she died we had to adjust to the new normal of not seeing her every Saturday. It’s been 7 years and there are so many times that I want to call her and tell her something and then reality hits. I have 6 siblings and we each took a day to spend with her the last 6 months of her life. I treasure the time I spent with her. She was almost 86 when she died and I wasn’t ready for her to go.


I hit the wrong number. My mom was almost 96 when she died.

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