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October 25, 2022



Good job Nicole! Can you come organize me!


There is something about organizing a space that makes you feel so good…must be an endorphin release! I made that cute ears of corn table runner…it is just as adorable finished as the picture! It is at my quilter so am anxious to see how it looks finished! You will love it!


I understand how that organized closet makes you feel! Last month I tackled hanging files for bills & important paperwork. It's so nice to stand back & admire the effort! I need to zip over & look at those runner kits because they are adorable! 🌽 Go Badgers!

Karen Seemuth

The picture of your before closet looks so much better than any of my closets!


adorable! I have an entire sewing room that needs reorg and cleanup again. ugh.

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