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October 20, 2022



The runner is so Fall looking! The quilting reminds me of the motion when leaves are drifting toward the ground. 🍂 I'm impressed that you're mastering binding on your machine despite my own love of doing that by hand. And if it works for you, why not? It would be boring if we all liked/did the same things!


That turned out wonderful. I love the quilting on it. The colors are happy fall ones. Good job. Woohoo for finishes.

Carol in Texas

I am just reading about your father’s death. What a lovely blog entry you wrote about him and your family. I know there is a huge hole in your life right now and your missing him is a tribute to how much he meant to you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about him with your readers. What a guy to raise 5 daughters!!!!!! Are you the only quilter in the group? I do enjoy your blog and either get it on Bloglovin or through Thelma’s blog. I’ve let it slide this week so that is why I missed your entry about your dad.

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