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November 22, 2022



For the past 10 years, we have cooked our turkey on our outdoor gas grill. That is what makes it all possible for us! (The recipe is in Cooks Illustrated #119 from Nov/Dec 2012, in case anyone wants a new technique.) We also buy a fresh turkey, which I order from our local dairy/grocery and pick up just 2 days ahead of time (today’s that day!), so we only have to store it for 2 days and don’t have to worry about defrosting it. I make the pies, cranberry relish, and gravy on Wednesday. On Thursday, most of my time is spent making the sweet potato casserole, and then I make the mashed potatoes closer to meal time (while the casserole is baking). I defrost peas for our vegetable, and I open a can of canned cranberry for those who like that. I also make a batch of corn muffins on Thursday, but I make them in the morning before I start anything else. They can cool and then sit in a covered container till it’s meal time. We have our Thanksgiving meal in the evening ~5:00. If guests bring other items, we welcome those too! One year, our friend's dad joined us with a "young coconut" pie he had brought with him from the Philippines, and it was delicious. We’ve had other new-to-us dishes too, and it's always fun. I really enjoying cooking, baking, planning, and hosting — as you can probably tell!

Have a great time with your family and with all of that fun decorating!

Frances Dchuff

When my stove/oven died I followed my sister’s advice and got a double oven instead of the warming drawer/pot storage space . What game changer . And I have an auxiliary apartment in my house so I have my daughter’s oven.
One year I had to cook my leg of lamb in my neighbors oven


When we bought our house, the kitchen had a small European size oven that couldn't hold anything other than the turkey on Thanksgiving. We learned a lot of stove-top and crock pot recipes. We have a bigger oven now plus the warming drawer that can be used to bake but I still make the sweet potatoes in the crock pot. Peel and slice the sweet potatoes, put in the crock pot, top with some apple cider and cook on high for 4 hours. Check periodically and add more cider if needed.

Becky Turner

I have several "sets" of table runners that I use to drape over the dining room chairs during the holidays. Like banners on each chair or just the the two end chairs. Because my MIL never met a fabric that she would not "stack and wack" I have several lovely sets for different holidays.

sue s

We are fortunate to have two ovens. However, the year we did a roast beef the 2nd oven had died and we didn't realize it. Eventually we had to nuke the roast or there'd be no dinner. Not a fun year with family all here. I like the crock pot ideas above; will give that some thought. I'm taking salad and pies to our small gathering this year.
I'm busy finishing two quilts for Christmas and I've got to fit in some donations for the church womens' sale and our Giving Tree.
Enjoy your dinner!


Your buffalo check runner is really cute! I made the pumpkin table topper that has the same background & you DO have to pay close attention! We host Thanksgiving & everyone brings a dish. This year there will be 19 of us. We roast two turkeys (lucky to have 2 ovens) early, then slice & keep warm in foil pans with some chicken broth for moisture. We discovered that having the turkey sliced & ready ahead of time also allows my husband more time to visit with guests. I make mashed potatoes the 'normal' way, but keep them warm in the crock pot with a bit of milk added to keep them fluffy. Wednesday I'll prep stuffing & make the Jello salad (don't ask--I've tried to change that up & it's a major revolt every time I slide a different salad in).


We would cook our turkey in one of those electric roaster ovens. Those big white ones that you see sometimes at Walmart. Clean off the workbench and have that cooking in the garage. Make the mashed potatoes early and keep them warm In a crockpot. That would free up the oven and the stove top for the other things.


Your table runner is so cute! I'm hosting all my older relatives again this year who are in independent living-retirement apartments with no kitchens. (They have all meals in the on site dining room.) So I'm doing most of the cooking, my daughter is contributing some, and it will all be fine!

I'm thinking we need to hear the story about the Jello salad from Jan!! :)


This is our first year in a new house-- I downgraded from two ovens to one! It's going to be tough. In the category of I NEED ANOTHER TABLERUNNER NOT, I'm almost done with Lets Pop Some Corn! I guess it will still be "in" at Christmas when it's an FFO if we string popcorn and cranberries. Happy Thanksgiving to all! xox

Shelley Dionne

Just make sure to butter the sides of the crock pot really well so the stuffing doesn't stick. Also, I cook veggies in the microwave ,then put them in another crockpot with a divided I make from foil.


I have that same table runner pattern, and I actually made it into a lovely bed runner for my guest room. It's a nice touch during the holidays.

This year I'm making most of my T-Day dinner on Wednesday and reheating on Thursday. The only thing that's going to get personal attention on Thanksgiving Day is the turkeys. We make two of them because I'm a vegetarian, and he's not.

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