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November 25, 2022


Linda Enneking

I have made this salad many times, using a recipe that someone had submitted to Better Homes & Gardens. It was my daughter's favorite dish, so after not having made it for several years I recently decided to make it again especially for her. She didn't even remember it, let alone the fact that it had been her favorite when she was young.

Marie Woodhouse

Yummy! Thanks for sharing, and I will make it very soon. Love this blog for it's variety of content and stories, keep them coming.


That looks yummy. I love most of those retro jello salads. My favorite is a lemon pineapple one that is much requested. The family also asks for what has jokingly referred to as 'vulture vomit'. (I think a teen brother called it that lots of years ago) It is kind of a raspberry/angel food cake torte.
I sew and potluck with older gals that have good recipes like these. On a hot afternoon really yummy. I'm seeing lots of sales in my mailbox this morning. Are you shopping for some fabric today?


I'm happy you liked the Jello salad! The only bad rap comes if we have something different! So retro or not, I'll be making it to take on Christmas! We had a 3-year old little boy here yesterday & what fun it was to have a little one at the party! Have a great weekend full of leftovers & decorating!

Kathi Kittle

I love jello recipes and will give this one a try. Most of my family tease me about my jello “salads”, but I don’t care. Think I will go ahead and make something jello from now on at family gatherings.

sue s

All of my childhood my grandma brought a "green jello" salad. Similar to yours it was lime jello, cream cheese, pineapples, maraschino cherries, all the good stuff! I loved the tang. The first few years after she was gone I made it, but then it fell out favor as we went towards "healthier" meals. Someday I will make it again.


Oh goodie -- I love looking at the photo of the cherry jello supreme! Will definitely make it in the future. Thank you to Jan for passing on the recipe and thank you, Nicole, for posting the fabulous photo!


Yum Sounds so delicious. I usually make the cranberry jello salad but this one sounds like a new adventure. Will be trying it for Christmas. Thanks you two, for sharing.


Growing up, we rotated who hosted the Thanksgiving meal. My Mom always brought the salads, a 7-layer lettuce salad and an orange jello salad. I still make it for special occasions but my brothers wives never make it because for them jello is not salad, but dessert. This year I live in the same state as one of my brothers and this morning commented that this week two of our cousins asked me for the recipe to moms orange salad. He said in a loud voice well glad the tradition is being carried on by part of the family. I will be making it for Christmas with them.


My family has a very similar cherry jello salad story. When my children were little, my sister-in-law brought cherry jello salad to each holiday meal. It became a tradition. The several years we changed things up led to outcries of disappointment. The kids are now 30 and 33. The cherry jello salad is still a regular menu item at each holiday meal!

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