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November 16, 2022


Barbara Groeschell

The houses are so cute. I’ve never seen the pattern before. I’m a big fan of Primitive Gatherings so don’t know how I missed it.


I have that cookbook! I haven't made anything yet though. I really need a grandchild to help me with the baking and especially with the eating.


Your red and green fabrics are so pretty-- what line is this?


Your village is growing! The red & green fabrics are beautiful--will you share the name of the line with us, please? I'm guessing the cake was delicious! Chocolate chips do add to pumpkin cakes & bread!

Nancy Watkins

You are going to town on your village! The red/green fabric looks pretty and love that pattern so thanks for telling us about it. I am off to look it up. Happy sewing!


Those reds are gorgeous!! Your xmas village is turning out soooo cute. Can't wait to see the quilt store.

stay's been cold here but warming up today.

sue s

I'm enjoying your village! More than the average amount of detail to each building, so it must be challenging.
I am a chocolate chip fan but I think I'd have added raisins in this.


Your houses are so cute! That village is really coming together. I made some cookies that sound just like your snack cake, complete with the pepitas on top. They are fantastic - ymu!

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