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November 09, 2022


Marie Woodhouse

Nicole, You are running along with your projects beautifully, That family reunion quilt is not one that I would ever try because of the squares on point, which I find challenging. Yours is looking just perfect! I am loving the new fabric line Nantucket Summer, so pretty and calming. (I think I will be purchasing some very soon) I am looking forward to your post on this project, and also the new designer mystery 2015. It is all so much fun following you on your progress.
Enjoy the week with Eva, and hope she is feeling better soon.
Cheers, Marie


i have all the bocks made for the 2015 Mystery Snowman BOM. You have reminded me of mine and motivated me to finish it. I hope we both can have them finished for next Christmas!


I 'get' you doing multiple projects at the same time! I skip around among art quilt, machine embroidery & quilt block making, too. I don't usually have more than one actual quilt going but I do work on various small things at the same time. I think multi-tasking is a great skill to possess, so keep doing what you're doing! Wishing Eva a speedy recovery. You were wise to keep her home from school while she's not well.


oh, dear...the little one is sick. :( I hope she feels better soon.

I'm loving everything you're making.

Quilter Kathy

I am very much the same! Sometimes I overwhelm myself, but mostly it's SO fun!


I love blue, so I’m smitten by your Nantucket Summer blocks (I’ve loved those colors every time Kimberly of FQS has shown them on a video!) and the Grandmother's Cottage block. They’re lovely colors and so nicely pieced by you!

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