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November 18, 2022



So this morning I can read your blog-- but no pictures! Hopefully it's a problem on my end-- LOL. You sure are killing it with the snowman piece! I'm sure it's very gratifying to the person who sent it to you to see it finally coming to life. xoxo


Yes, no pics for me either, but I did enjoy reading your post. You are always busy with wonderful things Nicole. Have a great weekend!


No pictures here either. Hope we can see them later, without too much fuss on your end..

sue s

I have pictures and they are fun, cute snowmen! We have an inch or two of the really wet snow on the ground this morning, and they picked up the last of our leaves yesterday. Yes, we've moved into winter.


I think Typepad was glitchy earlier. The pictures are showing up now.


The photos are showing now, but I'm a little later than the first commenters. I used the fabric line in the mug rug for a wall hanging last year & it's one of my favorites. Your buildings & snowmen are coming together so nicely! You're going to love that quilt! We have -5F temps this morning so I guess that means we're officially into Winter here! ⛄️


I love the holiday mug rug! What a great Christmas gift. Did you use a pattern and what fabric collection is that? You put me in the mood to sew. Thank you


Glad you stopped to snap a pic of those gorgeous trees! Sometimes we regret not doing things like that when it's too late to do it. Love your snowman project and mug rug, too!

Dawn Marie Pinnataro

LOVE the holiday mug rug!! I love the patterns!


Oh I love how this quilt is looking and thank you for the link, I think I will get it. Might have to substitute the snowmen as they aren't really a thing where we live

PS: Love the mug rug too

Nancy Alderman

The made up projects are always the best, IMHO!! It looks adorable!


Your winter village is looking so cute! If you decide to add the buttons for the snowmen, I would add them after the quilting is done. I am sorely tempted to get this pattern!

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