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December 01, 2022



the house looks beautiful! my favorite little snowmen are on your sideboard. our tree is up with lights but I still have to decorate it.

my husband raked up a ton of leaves yesterday and there are a ton more this morning. I love this time of year. stay waarm.


I love your book recommendations. This one is new to me, so onto my TBR list it goes. I've had many great reads thanks to your recommendations! PS - Can I borrow your elf???


Your personal elf has really been busy! Everything looks beautiful! That book sounds intriguing. And, yes! The cover is gorgeous!

Dianne King

Gorgeous pics...and, oh, that hummingbird! The book sounds interesting, too!


Your trees are beautiful! I have our skinny tree up with no decorations, the big one and ornaments on both will go up when we return from Disney World... We leave the 9th and will be back the 19th and are looking forward to Christmas there with our granddaughters! I loved Hester, listened to the audiobook and was so disappointed when it ended!

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