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December 09, 2022



I've got to do some wrapping this weekend so I can get a package mailed b4 it is too late.

the 11 month old puppy is showing way too much interest in xmas decorations. he pulled down a stocking this morning and was gleefully parading around the kitchen with it. he was very proud of himself.


What a great idea to set up in a spot that can be used without having to worry about cleaning up right away! Nice you also got to spend some time with your two girls while you wrapped gifts together! Your latest book sounds interesting!


You might try getting some bed risers to raise the table up higher. It will be much easier to use the table and it will save your back.


My mom and I always set up a wrap station in our finished basement. Then in the evening with glasses of wine we would wrap...and talk. Best time ever.

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