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December 06, 2022


sue s

Everything's looking good! I like to have several projects going for the very reason you state- I'd be bored out of my mind otherwise!


I like the block in your variation a lot! Amazing what one small change will make in the overall look! I try to stick with one project at a time, but that's after I put the others in progress in boxes to go back to. I have a kit that I'm only short four blocks to finish that has been in & out several times this year while I finish up other quicker projects. For me, that breaks up the monotony.


omg! love them all! that Family Reunion quilt looks fab. I just love the colors.

sun is out here. hope it is there. stay warm and keep Ozzy dry. ;p

Clara Chandler

Looks like you are in the "home stretch" with those square in a square blocks. What a nice design wall you have!! I get a bit anxious when I have so many blocks of the same design so I use them as "leaders/enders" which seems to help.

I enjoy reading your posts!


Vanessa Goertzen and Corey Yoder are two of my very favorite fabric designers, and your work is always beautiful. I currently have 28 projects going at once; so, yeah, nothing is actually getting done.

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