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December 12, 2022



Brilliant idea Nicole! I love red and white quilts! Envious that you are so prepared for Christmas as I am again behind the 8 ball. Have a great week and hope your son makes it home. Take care!

sue s

I like the red and white. I have added borders and sometimes even another column or row of blocks to expand a QAL. I have one in a winter theme that I'm quilting in January and that's what I did to it- added a column and a larger border. I'm pleased with it and it will cover the double bed in one of our bedrooms. I have more shopping to do, all online I hope.


Your red & white quilt is spectacular & I understand your thinking a couple of borders would have been a good idea. You can still enjoy it on a wall or, how about as a 'runner' on the foot of a bed? over the back of a couch? And, how wonderful that Ahren is coming from Ireland! It's going to be a great Christmas at your house! 🎄🎁


have a wonderful holiday with your family! hugs to you and stay, it's cold outside. ;p


Oh, I'm so glad that Ahren is coming for Christmas. So nice for your whole family to be together. Hopefully you can have all kinds of "foodie adventures" like last year! Your quilt looks beautiful, as always.


I've followed you for years, and I really don't remember this beautiful quilt. I make a lot of smaller quilts which don't fit our bed. I do like them folded and placed at the foot of the bed or over the back of a chair. Sometimes I flop them over the arm of a chair so that they hang over. I love a stack of folded quilts on a table or chair. Hope this gives you some ideas.

Someone mentioned to me that borders make a quilt look dated - not sure about that train of thought. Lately I've been making a lot of mine without the borders and found that I really like that look.


Beautiful quilt! I have already declared next year the year when I finally make at least one, if not several, red/white quilts! I LOVE them and plan on starting one first thing in January. Safe travels to your son. I know firsthand how long that trip is!


Nicole, what a beauty! So often samplers aren't balanced (some blocks are denser than others) -- but your design is perfect. The FG sashing is perfect.

Stephani in N. TX

Love your sampler quilt, in red and white no less, beautiful. I have done a few two color quilts using a color plus tan rather than white, and I love that as well. Will keep abreast of the holidays with you, your quilts and food are always special. So glad your son will brighten your doorstep. My son traveled widely between college and law school so I know how precious those home visits are. Warm holiday wishes to you and yours Nicole.

Carol in Texas

Do you have good suggestions for stocking stuffers? I’d love some ideas!!!!!

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