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December 15, 2022


Lynn C. (NJ)

The luggage rack is a great idea! I do not like to put my suitcase on the floor, and sometimes there is not even room for that in a guest bedroom. Kudos to you for thinking of these things.
Happy Holidays to you and your family!


You must be so excited with your son coming to visit! Safe travels for him and have a wonderful time!

Pamela Dempsey

What great baskets! Can I come and stay next?

Stephani in N. TX

Awww, the mom with the mostest. Just getting our first real taste of Winter weather in the DFW area, and the quilts are out in my house. Cold weather is so much better than the tornado scare earlier in the week. Change of seasons can be stressful. I remember friends from Ireland saying it's always cold there, so while your weather is cold enough for comforters, it will be warm in your hearts. Enjoy!


Hurray for clear flying weather in both locations! It looks like you've got everything any guest could possibly want/need! That was a very helpful blog to lots of us & a luggage rack is a great idea! Now, let the fun begin!

Barbara Anne

What joy to welcome Ahren home again!! Love the variety of treats you've added to his room for his comfort and enjoyment!



It seems as though you are all ready! Yay for clear skies for air travel - and yay for Ahren coming for Christmas! Enjoy yourselves, and when you're ready you can regale us with all your adventures.

sue s

Sounds as if you are ready! I did think of one more thing- I make sure there is space and empty hangars in the closet. I use it for my seasonal clothes so I always check that. Have fun and I hope for good weather too.

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