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December 14, 2022



Your folded quilt looks great on the down comforter! I feel your laundromat pain! We don't need one except for large rag quilts or comforters, so the job falls to my husband...he's always astounded at the co$t because it takes a.whole.lot.of.quarters! I guess this is more practical than comfy but I put a coaster on the night table for guests who may want a bedside glass of water.

Nancy B

Everything looks beautiful! I need to take a comforter to the laundromat but not sure when that will happen. I'm jealous, as I have to stay practical. No fancy quilts on our bed... my husband is a flopper and they would be ruined in short order.

BTW our machines take a credit card. I seldom go there, except when I'm costuming a show and need to do multiple loads during a several week run. Not messing with that much laundry at home unless I have to!

Lisa D.

I'm glad you found a way to stay warm and still enjoy your beautiful quilts on the bed! I hope you have a wonderful visit with Ahren!


Great idea for keeping warm! I like to put a mini flashlight on the nightstand for nighttime trips in an unfamiliar location. Easier to use than fumbling with a smartphone light.

Julie Talbot

Love you bedding idea! Lela Burris is an organizer and has had several great social media posts lately on guest bedrooms/bathrooms. See her blog post on Dec 9 at Her Instagram posts/reels have same info and more.


My down comforter is one of the top 10 gifts I have received. We have one on the bed in our desert house and also the cabin bed. At the cabin we use a electric mattress pad. Boy is that toasty. How exciting for your son to be home for the holidays. A flashlight and phone charger cords are good to have in a guest room. A lighted clock too. Oh, I have a Christmas log cabin on the bed now. After Christmas I pull out the red/green and gold sampler I made. It has wool batting and is half pieced and half machine applique blocks. Stay warm!

Ranch Wife

Your rooms look so inviting with quilts folded at the foot of the bed!
I like to keep a basket with bottled water, hand lotion, a new toothbrush, a travel sized tube of toothpaste, a small flashlight, and some mints in the guestroom.


Password for wifi, snack, flashlight (or put out low light night lights on way to bathroom), kleenex, water or other drink, hand lotion.

sue s

We also leave the password for wi-fi (we have a guest one available). I leave a pottery bowl/dish on the dresser for catching keys, earrings, etc taken off. There is a basket of hotel size toiletries in the bathroom. Kleenex and coaster in the bedroom. I like the flashlight idea, but have not done that. We always have night lights in the bath and hallway for hubby. Enjoy time with your son!!

Jackie Hicks

You might consider a power strip for plugging in electronics. I know I always travel with one.
And I love your beds with the quilts folded across the bottom.


We leave a few extra blankets and pillows in the closet in case guests get cold or like to sleep with more than the normal amount of pillows (like me).

Julie D

Hi, your guest room looks very cozy! In our guest bedroom/bath combination. I have a Keurig with k-cups, mugs, creamers and sweeteners. I leave some snacks as well. In the bath, i have a corner standing shelf with shampoos, conditioners, shower gel, hairspray. In a drawer I have other things like extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, Q tips, etc. in the bedroom is a luggage rack. The table lamps have plugs built in for phone charging. I have a TV set up for streaming with guest access set up. We have a lot of folks rotating through. We get a lot of comments how comfortable things are for them.


Yes...quilts are out and on beds walls, hanging on racks and everywhere! Have a joyous holiday and enjoy your season with your family....Merry Christmas



You are the best hostess! Enjoyed the retelling of your laundromat escapades.

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