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January 04, 2023



Thank you so much for your thoughtful recommendations. Whenever I am looking for something new to read, I always come back to your book review lists and find something good.


Thanks for the great reviews. You have led me to a lot of reading I have enjoyed and also some great authors. I have worked on being able to enjoy audio books in the last few years and that has opened up a lot of time for more books. There still is nothing as good as actually ready ourselves though. Thanks again and may the new year bring my happiness and good health to you and your loved ones.


Happy New Year Nicole! Sending good health and good fortune your way for a positive and productive 2023. As always thank you for your literary reviews. I thought by adding audio books I could catch up to you but alas to no avail! 😂 I hope you continue with your makeup/clothes and cooking tidbits. Always fun to read in between quilting projects. Hope you had a marvellous Christmas with your family!


Once again I've learned something new from your blog--I didn't know the term 'back list'! Today's reviews will be another good reference when I'm ready to choose a new book to read. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

Margie Fassler

I look foreword to your book reviews and count on them to give me a reading list.
Have you read Becoming Dutchess Goldblatt? It was a surprising good book.


Stop! Last year I read 102 book (goal was 100) and most of them were your recommendations. I was going to concentrate on 20 classics among my reading this year but dang if you don't have my list "to be read" back up to 100. 21 books added to my list JUST going through your posts. Thanks!

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