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January 17, 2023



Me too! I made a quilt for my sons wedding 22 years ago. And about every five years make them a new one. I hand pieced and hand quilted a double wedding ring and it wore out in a few years. I am currently
Making a king size quilt for them.. my son loves quilts and I am happy to oblige. 25 blocks down and 39 to go😊

Pam D

Nichole, may that warm your heart!!!


Yellow brick road pattern? If that quilt isn’t a testament to human and dog love I don’t know what is! I love to hear people really use my quilt gifts…if it wears out, I can make them a pillow with the original quilt, and then make a new one for them.


I love your nephew's much-loved quilt! When I give a quilt I tell the person that it's meant to be used & not to be put on a shelf & saved for 'good'. I also include a box of Color Catchers with instructions to toss a couple in & wash the quilt like any other bed linens. Jane's comment about making part of the old quilt into a pillow is an excellent suggestion!


it must be so hard to go through your dad's things. so many memories but so much love.

I love to see a well used and well loved quilt!

the sun is out here and it looks like a beautiful day. I hope you have sunshine too. stay warm!


I would rather give a quilt that I made to someone who is going to love and use it than give the quilt to someone who will store it in a closet because it is so “special”. How wonderful to know that the quilts you make bring such joy and happiness to your loved ones. And, as for having new quilting assignments - well, that just gives you more excuses to shop for the perfect fabric and pattern, then sew to your heart’s content❗️Happy 2023. I hope it’s a great year for you and your family.


WOW! When I first started reading, I was going to comment that you could really learn some lessons based on which parts of the quilt failed-- LOL! I guess the best lesson is, keep the dog off your bed! So heart warming, though, to know it was loved, and so kind of you to offer to make another. xoxo

Nancy B

Wow! That is one very loved and used quilt - which is what we all hope for. A testament to their appreciation. I don't put any of my better handmades on our bed! LOL Dogs are a thing of the past, but dear husband flops down, shoes and all, way too often for one to last. He does have a "couch potato" quilt that he lounges under in his evening TV time and it looks rather similar. Thin top and shredded binding. I've made him two new ones but according to him they're not as "soft".


I love that picture! Nothing better than a beloved quilt. I have a few stories about quilts that have been loved to death. The folks that love their quilt to death are the ones I want to make a new one for. Sending good thoughts for you all as you go through your dad's home. Hugs to you.

sue s

I'm glad you have good memories to share at your dad's. I also enjoy those thread-bare quilts! And now there will be the fun of buying new fabrics.

T Holzer

Love this!

Lisa D.

Such a sweet memory to see that well-loved quilt. I'm sure you will enjoy making them another quilt, seeing as how they have loved this one to pieces!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I would just make a new quilt for him. Seems the old one has been loved to death. Use what's usable in that one for a table topper beside the bed or a pillow.

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