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January 23, 2023


sue s

Very nice- and seasonal without needing hearts on it. I'm working on-and-off on a wall hanging that requires many curved edges. The pattern has you clip the edges and use a glue stick and that seems to work too.


Beautiful! Sometimes I forget the satisfaction of a small, immediately useful project :-) I get so immersed in "big quilt" projects!

I also noticed your pattern that how you store your patterns, or do you simply use it while actively making it?


Your little quilt is lovely. Doing a little quilt sometimes while in the middle of much bigger projects is so satisfying. It is done so quickly and you get to enjoy it right away!


Your Valentine quilt is so cute with its themed red & white fabrics. ❤️🤍🌺 I can see how sewing a mini would be a fun way to spend a couple of days! Will you tell us about your pattern binder idea, please? Have a great week!


really adorable!


That mini-quilt is just darling! Great job of appliqueing those all on. Much better than the curved piecing it would entail otherwise. Gah!


So pretty! Nicely done.

Shelley Dionne

Love it!❤ I too love pretty little toppers for around the house. Reminds me of our Schnibbles days, which I think should make a come back😊

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