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January 24, 2023



I prefer pdf's. I organize them in folders on my iPad in Notes.
I have access to them without taking up physical space. I anticipate that it will be easier, once I am gone, for my family to hit the delete key.

Bonnie Thompson

I do both. Sometimes I print out a page or two while I’m making a quilt. I keep all of those in a binder. Most are stored in organized files on my computer or on Pinterest.

My question is what am I saving them for? If I’ve made the quilt, will I ever make it again? Usually not…


Organization is key but I am still not very good about it (but I am trying)! About six months ago I wanted to make a pattern, swore that I had bought it but could not find it, bought the PDF only for my computer to tell me I had that pattern already downloaded!


'How do you organize your printouts and purchased patterns?' Uh-oh. Are those supposed to be organized? 😳 Seriously, I'm trying to find a quilt pattern that I made a couple of years ago & can't remember whether it was a download, magazine, book or single purchased pattern. I definitely need a better method & your binders seem to be a good place to start!


I put all pattern in binders. I slip the package ones in a sheet protector. Then they are in alphabetical order within the binder. I have a binder for bags, Christmas quilts, Miss Rosie quilts, and a general binder. So easy to find what I’m looking for. And easy to go through and clean out.


I save the pdf quilt patterns in a file on my laptop then print them out when I start making the project. If I think I will make it again soon, I save the printed copy but usually not because I can always access it again from the computer file. I keep the patterns I bought in "hard copy" in a pattern file box I bought from Fat Quarter Shop (not sure they still sell it), separated by designer with one catch-all tab. I have been thinking of doing the binder thing with recipes because, like you, I have a lot that I got online that I make over and over.


I throw mine in a basket and shut the door they all live in quickly. I need a better system:)


I keep most of my pattern in binders BUT I, also, have a box of patterns. I have been looking for a pattern that I know I purchased years ago...can't find it??? Why am I tearing out all these patterns from magazines? I can't possibly make all these quilts.


Some of my patterns are saved on my laptop, but most of them are in binders sorted by designer, holidays, table runners, etc. I think I have about 8 binders of quilt patterns. Hopefully I'll make some of them.

sue s

Boy, I agree with a lot of these commenters! I try to use pdfs and then print out the pages I need when making something. I, too have searched everywhere for a paper pattern. When I found it it was where it "should be", with a miscellaneous assortment of sewing, quilting, and other patterns. So, I have a mishmash. I did go back to an old pattern one time when I was making a quilt larger and needed some block ideas for it. But that's rare. Maybe my family can just have a nice bonfire.....

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