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January 30, 2023



Ugh - weight loss. It's a never-ending thing, isn't it? I need to get on board with your making a list of ways to keep it off. Good luck to you!


I was skinny until after menopause. I don’t eat a lot of treats but I do like my food. I started doing 30 minutes of cardio/ walking every day. My blood pressure and cholesterol have dropped and I’ve lost 14 pounds but it took FOREVER! The holidays were bad for me too. Too many cookies, I guess. Good luck! My doctor recommends a Mediterranean diet….

Barbara Groeschell

That fabric slant would not bother me at all. Don’t you think it will “quilt out “? However, if it bothers you by all means make the corrections.


I think your quilt top looks great and the blocks that are "off" are really not noticeable to me. I am lucky that my weight is generally really stable. I had surgical menopause at age 29 (now am 67) and on hormonal replacement since then, but my weight has never been an issue. Since I retired, I do go to Pilates at least three times a week, to maintain strength, flexibility, and balance. I generally only eat two meals a day, breakfast and lunch/dinner around 4 pm. If I snack later, it is usually a piece of fruit or popcorn (No butter). It sounds like you have a good plan to knock off those few unwanted pounds!!


I'd probably be ripping today, too. That would make me crazy & I'd know, whether anyone else noticed or not! I bake for a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving & freeze those cookies immediately! Once it's time to deliver they're out of the house so I do avoid eating them. However, in addition to holiday meals, January brought some birthday celebration dinners that contributed to additional weight gain! 🙄


oh,man. those blocks would make me crazy too. I baked a lot during the pandemic but only put on 8 lbs during that time.

not sure why it wasn't a lot more. however, it took a solid year to lose the 8 lbs. goes on quickly. comes off slowly. :(

I eat baked pretzels or almonds for an evening snack. I'd rather have a brownie but...


I agree, I'd be recutting those pieces. That would be all I'd see when I looked at the quilt.
Weight%&*×##! During pandemic, my mother's death and the holidays, I've gained weight. I hate it!

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