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January 12, 2023



So glad to hear you are a “mood” quilter! I definitely have to be in the mood to finish certain UFO’s. That is a good plan to try and complete one a month. Hope you have a happy and productive weekend!


haha, after yesterday's topic I hardly want to write this but, I was sorting out the block above in my head..."how would I piece it together? How do the blocks go together?"kind of thing when almost unbidden I realized the blocks in the pattern are oriented differently than yours. I am writing this because I would feel bad if your next post was "I finished piecing the blocks like the pattern before I realized the first 20 blocks were different...and I might add, I had done the exact same thing! Come back to finish a UFO and my brain sorted my pattern out differently in my head! I love the pattern too. I have lots of 2 1/2" strips to use up.


That’s an interesting block, quilt has such simple blocks around the border. Love the PG patterns. Have you ever been to the shop in Larsen, WI? It’s simply amazing! I live in NY so probably will never go again but her shop is just full of beautiful things….

I am surprised to agree with you about the Harry/Meghan situation. It’s pretty shocking and hurtful,so sad that families do that to each other. Somehow, I would have expected better behavior from those that do not suffer the day to day inconveniences of finance and life trials,daycare,transportation, etc….

Marie Woodhouse

A perfect quilt to sew while listening to a audio book. It is a beautiful pattern especially with those lovely reds! Enjoy the book and sewing today.
New term for me "a mood quilter", I think I also fall into that category, as I never sign up for UFO challenges at my local quilt guild even though I have many.


I re-read Carol's comment about imperfections in quilt making. She makes some good points & it's never a bad thing to hear someone else's view. I also must agree with Marie, above, about not committing to guild/group UFO challenges. I can't force myself to work on something that doesn't speak to me...that's why they're UFO's in the first place! 😳


You have inspired me to try to work on a UFO each month.
Great idea! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt. Love the “Primitive Gathering” patterns!!


I really liked what Carol had to say yesterday. Thank you for noting it as I would have missed it. I don't follow the Royal Family too much but there is something about Harry that is very believable and likeable. I thought about reading the book but hearing his voice tell the story sounds better. Have a wonderful day of sewing.


oh, I definitely believe him. it is like living with vipers. I'm not sure why he wants to reconcile? reconcile so they can hurt you more and plant more stories about you in the press?

I guess because it is his family? that doesn't seem too healthy either. it's like wanting a relationship with abusive people. the outside pressure is so much. I don't know how they endure it.

I guess you can tell I've been thinking about this entire subject way too much. ;p

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Thanks so much for your comments on Prince Harry's book. I love Harry and Megan but have been afraid to read his book because I've read so many negative comments on him and Megan. Your comments have encouraged me to read it. Thanks again.

grace thorne

harry and meghan are just another dysfunctional family of ungrateful rich people...if he wasn't royalty, we would never have heard of them...plenty of people have "issues" but certainly don't get book deals...

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