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February 14, 2023


Nancy B

I appreciate your book columns. You choices have good breadth and we have similar taste in reads. I’ve been a Louise Penny fan and Audible Spare is in my queue. If you found the children’s blizzard an interesting story I would recommend the nonfiction version by the same name written by David Laskin. Much better.

Cindy Ault

I do look forward to your book reviews, I’m always looking for a new author. There are a couple in this list that I will definitely try.

Patricia Ludwiczak

Thank you so much for your book reviews. I have several new books for my TBR list!


Thanks, once again, for the thorough detailed reviews! I've debated about reading 'Spare' & found the very short version in People magazine interesting, so I may give it a try. Happy Valentine's Day!💕

grace thorne

interesting and informative for SPARE, i am fed up to here with poor little rich boy and his self absorbed wife whining about how they have suffered...his philanthropic trips to africa seem to have evaporated....these people are very fortunate indeed and have no clue how real people live with their own basic struggles. their sole purpose seems to make daughter even said it was extremely boring...

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