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February 21, 2023



Have you read “How to Stitch An American Dream” by Jenny Doan? It’s a memoir from the famous Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt fame. I found it to be very touching, and you won’t find any oversized egos in it.


On your recommendation, I am listening to Spare, Prince Harry's memoir, instead of reading it. I've gotten to the part where he's just entered the army and very good so far. He narrates it himself so its almost like he is sitting there with me, telling me these stories. Plus, I am doing some hand sewing while I listen.


I enjoy reading memoirs occasionally. Two that I've read in the past are Amanda Knox' 'Waiting To Be Heard' & one about the spouses & families called 'Astronaut Wives'. Amanda is a puzzle in my mind & I haven't yet decided how I feel about her story! The astronauts' wives had a really tough life & how they coped individually is really interesting. I read People magazine weekly & often choose memoirs based on articles featuring bits & pieces of a book.


You like audio books and memoirs…you MUST listen to Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime…it’s been out a while. He reads and does ALL the accents! It’s funny and amazing and heartbreaking all at the same time. Apartheid. Mixed race. Poverty. Struggle. Fantastic friends.


I listened to Michelle Obama's 1st book while walking uphill on the tread mill. my gawd the cruel things people on the right said about her.

the book was just wonderful. her childhood was one of love and safety. I don't normally read memoirs but someone had told me to read this one.


I love memoirs, I particularly enjoy listening to them when they are read by the author. I find it so interesting to peek behind the curtains of other people's lives. I read Matthew Perry's book, in my opinion he wrote it too soon, he still has demons to fight and has not kicked his addiction. He's very lucky to be alive and I found it so sad and shocking that he was under the influence of something the entire time he was filming Friends. He's not a likable person, but has a fascinating story.

I had to quit halfway through Jennette McCurdy's "I'm Glad My Mom Died". The mom had so many issues and Jennette was such a pleaser, but when the author said her mother still bathed her at 16 and her older brother, I was out.

"The Boys" by the Howard brothers was a delight, give it a try if you've not done so. One of my favorite listens from last year was "Apparently There Were Complaints" by Sharon Gless. I was not all that familiar with her but her Hollywood family history and her life in general kept me entertained, she's had a long career in the film industry and can tell a great story. I only knew her from Cagney and Lacey, there's so much more to her.


I live in Massachusetts, not too far from where Viola Davis grew up in Central Falls, Rhode Island. My sewing machine repair person, in fact, is located just on the other side of her hometown. So, I’ve driven through it on my way to drop off and pick up my machine. I’d just heard a long interview with her between my drop off and pick up when I had my machine serviced this past fall, and I found myself crying as I drove through the area to pick it up. It’s a depressed old mill town, many of which exist in New England, and especially in RI. After hearing her interview, something about the poverty and despair became palpable. Anyway… in terms of celebrity memoirs, nothing beats Becoming read by Michelle Obama herself!


The Viola Davis book sounds interesting. I've heard interviews with her here and there and was always impressed. I just finished Spare and it was interesting in that he thought his mother had "disappeared" to get away from the paparazzi. Sad. Storyteller by Dave Grohl was good but he basically skipped over most of the Kurt Cobain story. He clearly adores his girls!

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