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February 08, 2023



I can certainly understand where you are coming from with adding more lighter blue to the mix along with the pink. The combination will be the added sparkle to the quilt. If you weren't wanting to have the quilt any larger you could use the left over blocks for the back and have a row of them going down or across the quilt. No matter what you decided to do its always beautiful. Awesome job!


I was just going to say that! I agree with Marcy, above, that you can use the extra blocks on the back! I do that on purpose when I make a back & it adds a fun element! Eva's decorating skills are very creative...yummy looking cookies!


can't wait to see! my dryer died during all of that after day. I couldn't hang things to dry because of it. nothing would dry hanging indoors either. what a pain.


Good -- I'm glad you found a solution for the quilt top that keeps the pink blocks. As the others have said, maybe you can use those darker toned blocks on the back?? Eva's decorated cookies are darling. A frustrating oven is just that - FRUStrating!


I look forward to seeing your quilt top done with the choices you made! Eva did a lovely job on the cookie decorating!


I recently read that blocks you are less fond of can be used in the drop of the quilt and not stand out so much.

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