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February 01, 2023


Kathy Sims

I am a lover of Carrie Nelson's patterns also. I too have made lots of her patterns. Maybe you heard that she went to work for Moda in Dallas a while back. She was still publishing patterns for them. If she is having health issues I hope she recovers quickly. She is a great talent. I always love to read your blog. You have a great writing style and offer lots of good hints. KS in Illinois


I, too, am a big fan of Carrie Nelson’s and recently noticed that I hadn’t seen her name come up at Moda or on her Instagram account for awhile, and I wondered what was going on. I sincerely hope that she is on the mend and will grace the quilting community with her cheerful smile and amazing talents again, soon.


I'm another fan of Carrie Nelson and have missed her. I always enjoyed her patterns and especially her witty writing. I wish her the best and hope you are able to get in touch with her.


Carrie’s patterns and books are fabulous but even more fabulous is Carrie. She is one of the kindest and most talented people you will ever have the joy to know!

Lisa D.

That was the most amazing experience at the Buggy Barn - meeting YOU and also meeting Carrie. I still have loads of her patterns and they still draw me in. I love how she combines traditional blocks into an amazing, cool design. She lives in Texas and works for Moda now. I see new designs from her pop up every now and then and I still love them. Your green fabrics are looking FANTASTIC in those blocks. It will be fun to follow your progress.

Clair Becker

I love your blogs. I too am a great fan of Carrie. Love her pin cushion book. I had seen the preview of those green fabric and fell in love with them too. I have been to Ireland and fell in love with all the green there and those fabrics are perfect to make a quilt to hold the memories of those special tri


Carrie Nelson's Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. are my all-time favorite patterns! I jumped on that 'Schnibble' ride & never looked back! ❤️ I knew she had gone to work for Moda & recently tried to find a 'clue' on their various websites & social media about where she's been, but no luck. I, too, wish her the very best! That's a great pattern that will definitely show off those beautiful green fabrics!


I miss Carrie on Instagram. Her dog, Maddie, was also adorable. I hope she is okay. :(

That pattern and fabric is going to make a beautiful quilt.

Betty Meyer

I have always liked rail fence. It’s such a simple old fashioned look and so suitable for doll quilts and baby guilts or lap quilts.

Michele Klein

I hope Carrie is doing well. I haven’t made many of her patterns but I do love to read her blog that she did for Moda. I love your design with the rail fence block. I’m making lap quilts using my stash for a local nursing home. This would be a good one for that. Can’t wait to see how this quilt turns put. Love the red and white one from Primitive Gatherings.

Jane Eilderts

I love Harriet Nelson’s patterns and hope she is doing well. This quilt is going to be wonderful! One pattern I wish I had!!


Carrie is nice, talented, smart, an attorney (!), and I love her sense of humor. Please get well Carrie!!!


I love the greens you are using - I feel like green hasn't been used as much in the quilting world of late and am so happy to see it coming back. I love Carrie Nelson's designs and I have many, many of her books and patterns. I miss her on Moda's posts and her own site, of late, and wish her all the best. Thanks for sharing!


Another blast from the past Schnibbles! I love Carries patterns and her writing style! I haven’t seen too much from her online so hope she is okay! Maybe she’ll do a guest post 😉

Jennifer in Indy

Her patterns were so great - and loved seeing what she did at Moda too - glad to see you sewing one of hers and will join you in hope that she is doing okay.

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