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February 17, 2023



my trick for dry skin is Aquaphor. my doctor told me to use it and it is wonderful. I massage in small amounts all over after I shower.

have a lovely's gonna be warmer...yay!


Thank you for the recommendations on things you have tried and liked. I always appreciate reviews of real experiences with products. I especially love the cream blush and the Thrive eye brightener. I follow a few you-tubers that highlight makeup and I find so many of them use so many different products and so many different brushes. I like to look put together and I do wear makeup every day but some of the makeups and products seems extensive. I will add a product that I found during the pandemic that I have liked and bought multiple times since. I have been a long time Talbots customer but I really do like these jeans. The price was right, there is quite a bit of stretch, they have different washes of denim.
Maybe someone else may like them also. They do seem to go in/out of stock frequently. Have a great weekend!


I've been using the lighter formula skin 'tint' for several years & agree that it's 'older skin' friendly. I'm going to take a look at the Brow Whiz pencils soon! Thanks for the recommendations!


Love your recommendations especially the moisturizer and eye brow product!!! Mine are almost gone! Have a great weekend!

Shelley Dionne

I LOVED this post!❤ Now,off to do some shopping 🤗

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