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February 07, 2023


Linda B

Oh I love the pink!


I like the pink in the quilt as it gives it extra sparkle. Your work is amazing!


I don’t mind the pink- maybe put the pinks closer to the corners to spread them more evenly? Love Primitive Gatherings patterns and fabric.


I say leave in— they add interest.


Another vote to keep the pink. I think it softens the overall look. After making all those blocks and 200 little stars it is time to finish this fabulous quilt. Love it!

Mary M

I have to agree with you 😳


Love this quilt! I like the pink blocks. I like the suggestion to spread them out more, they seem to be in the top half of the quilt.


The pink doesn’t work for me either. If it were me, I’d change them out for the sage or light blue. Or both.

Barbara Groeschell

I like the pink but spread them around

Karen B

Can you pull the pink and make a little table runner or something? It really doesn't seem to go with the rest of the blocks.


I like the pink! It makes the quilt pop and gives it interest. I might spread them out a bit more.

Lisa D.

First - I LOVE these blocks! But I am not overly fond of the pink. I like Karen B's idea to take them out for a sweet table runner. I'd opt for more either more green, or more blue and red to create a patriotic feel.

Nancy Watkins

I cannot tell you how much I love this quilt! I remember bypassing that block of the week and regretting it. I am not real fond of pink but it still looks good. If I wanted to change the pink blocks, I would go with the soft red as in the third row up from the bottom, fourth block over to the right. I am not sure if this is rusty red, dull red or what but I love that color. This is an accomplish finishing this quilt!


I bought this summer block of the week too and ended up disliking it so much that I never made it. I liked the individual blocks, but not the look of the finished quilt. Like you I didn't care for all the pink. It needs green and perhaps some purple. I hate that I invested all that money into the kit. Maybe I'll find another way to use the fabrics. I do love the tiny stars though.


Another vote to keep the pink but move them around. To my eye, the light blue could be swapped also. Overall though a lovely pattern....2" stars?! Oh mercy!


Pinks add something. Keeps your eyes moving to see what else you can discover, However, I think every quilt deserves a smidgen of purple, black and a very light yellow / gold for the touch of the sun.

I would move the pinks around a bit, otherwise leave it alone, it is beautiful.


I'm not crazy about the pink or coral either, but I think it brightens up this quilt. Since you've already made the blocks, I'd probably leave them in. Perhaps you could make a block of a different color, add that to the design board, and see what you think.
Great quilt!


I hadn't been pulled into the pinks until I read what you said about them! So, maybe just move them farther apart & go with the finish...or...replace them with one each of a few of the other colors. You're definitely on a roll with wrapping up your UFO goals!


I also think the pink is fine - what I didnt go for was the light blue. Seems you'll please someone no matter what you decide. Love the pattern, great use of scraps. Look forward to seeing this finished. Elaine


Going to be a wonderful quilt. I am not a fan of the pink but as others have said if you spread them out more it would help.

Ann Garner

Leave the pink! It gives it life, otherwise it will look flat.

Dona Zarosinski

I’m voting for the pop of pink. I like the sparkle. The pink moves your eye around the quilt. I can’t believe you can make 2” stars!!


I would swap them out for more light blue. I think the pink ones are a little jarring and take away from the overall feel of the quilt.


I love the pink! BTW I have this same kit, this inspires me to dig it out and get started!

Mary Kastner

I agree with you and the light blue idea!

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