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March 28, 2023



Thank you for every post. I read them all. Yesterdays touched me very much. When I started quilting, I offered to make my mom a quilt.
She said thanks for offering but quilts reminded her of growing up in poverty during the depression. She was so proud of her store bought blankets! A few years ago she needed to go to assisted living and was able to take her bed and bedspread with her then she declined more and was moved to the skilled nursing wing with a hospital type bed.
My heart broke when I saw she was covered in an old faded discarded
Quilt someone had left behind. The next day I took her a new Stella Blue quilt finished coincidentally in her favorite colors. She was so happy to have it and proudly showed it to every nurse who came in.
We had come full circle. She would have been 100 this month.
Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites is very special to me and have made several quilts from that book

Francine Fagan

I use Best Press on my fabric too but I also add a product called Terial which adds more stiffness. I use about 2/3 Best Press to 1/4 to 1/3 of Terial. Terial used alone makes it stiff, Research it, I love it.


I use Best Press when I sew but don’t pre starch BUT you have convinced me to try it!!! Thank you! I too started that pattern ( love Miss Rosie patterns) but put it aside. Again thank you as I have pulled it! As to the math skills … I was convinced a couple of weeks ago that 60 x 4 was 360!!! Is it an age thing??? Love your blog Nicole!

Lisa D.

I fondly remember making Opening Day with Roman Holiday fabrics, it is one of my favorite quilt finishes. You're doing such a great job of tackling your UFOs! Amazing progress!

Stephani in N. TX

I purchased Opening Day in my early quilting days but was put off by the number of stars and flying geese. So it remains un-used but still loved. Loved your first commenter's story, just a great quilt story. This is why we quilt, great quilts and great history handed down about quilts in our lives.


Bravo for your perseverance! You’ve inspired me to tackle my own UFO’s!


Thank you to June for sharing her heartfelt story about her mom. 💕
I use Unscented Mary Ellen's Best Press to 'remove' wrinkles & fold lines on fabric. I also use it when ironing shirts & blouses. It gives fabric a little body but not the stiffness that regular starch leaves. For spray starch I like to use Faultless. You're making great progress on your UFO's!

Linda DeMurh

Do you wash your finished quilts to remove the starch or do you wash the top before it is quilted? I enjoy reading your blog and getting hints and tips about quilting. I also enjoy your book reviews!


I use Mary Ellen's press the same way Jan does. I love those chocolate brown stars you've got going. Really lovely with the green and red.

We started playing board games during the pandemic. It was just something to do in the late afternoon to distract from all the awful news. We've kept it up. We've been playing Cribbage lately....turns out I can no longer add. ;p Seriously.


I always call finishing a really old UFO my Humility day - it also reminds me of how far I have come. I just finish the best I can then move on. I've learned a lot about "fixing" things to look okay even if they aren't. I've tried to finish my grandmother's UFOs - she died in 1968 - definitely making the best out of it I can. Love all your posts.

Kathy Czuprynski

I use Best press before cutting and again each time I am pressing my seams open or to the side. By the time a block is done, that block can be stiff as paper. How I love to put those on the long arm! Nice and flat!

Leota Krantz

This quilt is going to be great. I too love Carrie Nelson’s patterns. I can’t wait to see the finish.


Haha… you are giving me a chuckle because even as a kid i cannot keep it in my head what 8x7 is! Love the quilt… when i pull out a UFO, it’s like finding an old friend. Xox

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