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March 29, 2023



I hate that method for flying geese too. I would prefer one at a time to avoid the less accurate. Don’t you just love the varied backgrounds in a quilt. It adds interest without being too busy.

Wendy Currie

Nicole I am really enjoying your visit back to Carrie’s patterns, not sure if you remember but I am also a big fan of her work.
We both made her Elizabeth quilt and I actually 2 one in French General when it was first released. Opening Day was made for my youngest and then so many schnibbles!!
I believe Carries latest pattern was Summer Moon which I have and did a mini version…any idea what she is up to now?

Wendy Currie

I think that Carries pattern appeal for me is all of the flying geese blocks a personal favourite of mine.
I use Deb Tuckers wing clipper rulers I highly recommend them alsong with her you tube instruction video..
I always approach new patterns with a plan to make the units with rulers or techniques that I know will give me the best results and change my cutting to those requirements. I always go up when. 7/8 is required.
I may need to pull out her patterns and books again soon!

Nancy Watkins

I sure give you credit for tackling all the flying geese! Can you tell me what number pressure foot you are using in your picture? It’s hard to tell but looks different than any of mine and I might want one. 😊 I think you are amazing Nicole to tackle this quilt. It’s always so hard to figure out what one was doing and thinking so many years ago. Going to be a pretty one!

Karen B

I love the Fit to Be Geese rulers. It used to be the only way I made geese because it was the only way I could make them accurately!


A dozen flying geese at a time will get them finished & behind you. And, I looked online for the definition of 'fudgeable'...the Wiktionary says the meaning is 'capable of being fudged.' Who knew?? 🙃 Those mini Bundts look delicious & the recipe confirms it! Yummy!!!

sue s

I'm so frustrated when I see 7/8" as a measurement. I ALWAYS up it to at least the full inch because I always need the trim for accuracy. I like The Wing Clipper too.


Every time I hear the words 'bundt cake' I think of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The in-laws come to house with one and the Greek family have no idea what it is and why there is a hole in the middle of the cake. Such a great movie.

Bloc Loc is still my favorite way to make flying geese. Speaking of flying geese...did you ever finish Aurora quilt? The pattern is by Laundry Basket. I started it because I loved your so much but it still waiting for me to finish all those flying geese....


You’re making me want to make this quilt again!

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