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March 22, 2023



I get all fussy when narrators mispronounce words, too. Recently I was listening to a book when the narrator said “Belle Is-el” for Belle Isle. Really? She’s never seen the word isle before? And the editor didn’t catch it? I’m from Michigan where Belle Isle is located, so this was a particular affront. Anyhow - your red and white quilt is lovely. Isn’t it exciting to see quilts come together, particularly when there are many different blocks in it? And, I completely sympathize with your feelings about Evie growing up so fast. My oldest grandchild is a year or so younger than Evie, and I have seen the changes, too. It is so fast. At least you and I both can look back over many, many memories we’ve made with these children. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to create memories -not all grandparents have this opportunity.


Don’t let the “mispronounced” name be a strike against the book- Daugherty is a very common name in the area, and I have never heard anyone with that name pronounce it the way you said was correct. My high school English teacher (with that last name)actually pronounced it Dock-er-tee.


Just an FYI - I have a doctor named Daugherty and he pronounces it Dock-er-tee. Love your red and white quilt, it is coming along well! I have often purchased 'emergency' fabric from Etsy sellers. They are so great!


Eva is going to have a great time rain or shine--kids always find a way! Your red & white quilt is going to be stunning! Etsy to the rescue! I imagine your time could have been better spent on a different audio book. It happens once in awhile when the actual book doesn't live up to the hype.

Nancy Watkins

Oh Eva is going to have so much fun! I remember science camp in sixth grade at Camp Seymour in WA state. We experienced the earthquake of 65 while there. Later as a senior I was one of the two counselors in cabin 8 at Camp Timberlake. I still have a note from the girls that they all signed. Wonderful memories!


I'm currently listening to Lessons in Chemistry and the narrator keeps pronouncing Jack LaLanne's last name as La Lawn instead of La Lane. It very well may be pronounced that way by some, but Jack himself pronounced it La Lane. If you grew up in the 60s it will drive you mad.

I hope Eva is having a spectacular time!


omg! Eva gets taller and more lovely with every photo you post! well, at least they aren't camping in tents? they better have s'mores or I will write an angry letter to camp....

those blocks are just beautiful. there is something about a 2 color quilt that is just captivating.

we've lucked out and did not lose our power. the wind has finally died down.


Eva will have a great time! The camp experience is a “right of passage” so to speak. You deserve a relaxing week. The red and white sampler blocks are really inspiring and beautiful.
My mom is a Dougherty, from NJ. We say it the way you do. The different pronunciations could be regional. My mom would give an eye roll about the Philadelphia Doughertys who said Dockerty! Funny. Moms oldest brother did go by “Doc’ which was a common nickname for guys with this last name.
Yes, I caught that Jack LaLaine pronunciation too. That book was odd with the talking dog.


Science camp sounds like fun!

I'm reading this now and slogging through it. I'm debating whether or not I should finish it.

Debbie Williams

I used to work with a man named, "Daughtery." He pronounced it daw-tree. I'm from the South. You just never know about these things.


And I had a girlfriend in high school. That was her last name and it was prounounced Dow-ur-tee! So it varies!

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