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March 17, 2023



I made this! I didn't have one of Lori's books, but it was easy to substitute the same size block just searching my library or the web. I get in the rut of thinking I need to do the exact same blocks, but I see now that my quilt is every bit as cute as Lori's. Your placement of blocks is beautiful.

Nancy B

Love LOVE this. Blocks look great. My red and white done years ago was embroidery.


Your red and white blocks just sparkle! It’s always a challenge to figure out where you left off when a project has been resting for awhile. Don’t Fence Me In is a great quilt, the greens are wonderful! I need to get a monochromatic quilt started. Thanks for sharing! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️


Your 'beauty shot' really is a beauty - love all those reds together. It will be wonderful!

Debbie R.

Those blocks — and reds — really are glorious!


You're well on your way toward finishing this one! The arrangement on your design wall looks beautiful! Save the extra blocks for the back or a throw pillow...they're too pretty to waste. Happy St. Patrick's Day! ☘️


damn. 2 beautiful orphan blocks. I swear, you must work those in somehow. They are too beautiful to abandon.

I made a red and white quilt as a bday gift for a very dear friend. still haven't made one for myself. ;p


I made this and finished in December. I did not use Lori's fabric but it still looks great. I love the the way Lori reuses her books. Yours looks great.

Lisa D.

So you really made the same months' blocks twice? Yes, the perils of putting a project aside for too long. Your red and white sampler is going to be stunning! I love the newest block and then seeing them all together! You are making such great progress on your UFOs.

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