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March 30, 2023



Eva - what a fun little girl! Congrats to her and to you since you have helped get her to this.

Stephani in N. TX

You and Eva are winners in my book. Great quilt finally coming to life, and on the honor roll for Eva. The hard work and steady pace are evident, and the commitment shows.


That is so cute and appropriate I think they should change the name to her version. My son used to call Kleenexs, Sneezexs. I always add an 1/8 inch when using my Bloc Locs (which I love). Your quilt will be great.


or is it on "A" roll? too funny. Your quilt will be fit for the "A" roll too with your great ability to navigate thru the little bumps in the road.


Well, she IS on a roll, so to speak! This reminds me of the 'Amelia Bedelia' children's books where the housekeeper misunderstands words & does such funny things that she thinks are what she was told. Congratulations to Eva & to you for spending those years home schooling her. Hard work pays off with Honor Roll recognition! 🏆🎉

Debbie R.

Wow. When you get rolling, you really move. Your Opening Day UFO is coming together so beautifully and so quickly!
As for Eva's "on a roll," that is so cute. Congratulations to her!

Mary Kastner

Adorable! Fine job to Eva!



lol....that will be a story told many times when she heads off to college.

have a lovely weekend!


Nicole, first, I love your Opening Day revival, that pattern has been on my To Do List for years, I love watching you progress and am so impressed with your perseverance.

Second, that Eva story is so fun, I'm glad you've documented it on your blog, so it won't be forgotten. But I suspect that award will always be called On A Roll by your family from here on out. Just adorable.


"On a roll" - Love it! Your stars are looking great.


So cute! She is definitely "on a roll".


Lol that is so funny and cute! Love your stars!

Susan Cleveland

Congrats, Eva!

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