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March 13, 2023



I love your topper and think the spirals look a bit like an Irish spiral ;) as to movies, well, let's just say another year when I skip the Oscars because I have not been to the movies yet this year...I want to but it seems I am always busy taking kids to THEIR activities! lol We are out of snow days here but not out of snow...not sure which is better, snow or rain.


I saw several of the Oscar nominated movies and enjoyed them all! So glad to hear you liked Women Talking!!! The author, Miriam Toews, is from a small town (Steinbach) not far from me. Nicole you should check out some of her books. Sorry about the rain! Having lived in Vancouver for several years it can really drag you down not seeing the sun!


I saw 'Top Gun: Maverick' on opening day with my husband & really enjoyed it! I haven't yet seen 'Everything, Everywhere All At Once', but Michelle Yeoh is a favorite from her role in 'Crazy Rich Asians', so I was happy to see that she won Best Actress! Have a good week!


We saw and enjoyed the Elvis movie. He really did an excellent job. Loved the Banshees of Innesherin, but had no idea of the metaphor! Interesting. It's a movie I will likely watch again. Saw the Top Gun movie on tv, and while I wasn't looking forward to it, I actually liked it better than the first one. My husband watched and liked Everything Everywhere All At Once...I gave it about 15 minutes and quit! Too much going on and I like movies I don't have to devote too much attention to to enjoy! Will be checking out Women Talking...had no idea what it was about.


We both thought Top Gun was meh. Tom Cruise is really a terrible actor. Oh, well.

You have Acorn streaming...a really good Irish show we loved is called Striking Out. It has some really good quirky characters mixed in with drama. It was first rate.

My husband had to use the sump pump to pump water out from underneath our house yesterday. So much rain and the ground is saturated. My heart breaks for all the people who have lost their homes. I feel like we are living in the end of times. :(


Thank you so much for mentioning me! I’m so honored.

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