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April 27, 2023



It seems to me you've been making headway on completing UFO's this year. So jump into that summer sew along & enjoy it! I'm taking a collage quilt class this week, so I'm thinking those may be my projects in the coming months. No empty project boxes?? Just do what I did a few weeks more! JoAnn's usually has a good coupon!

Mary Kastner

Opening Day is just beautiful! Fine job.


Nancy Watkins

Aren’t you just giddy nearing the end on Opening Day? It’s always a good feeling to get the older quilts done. Regarding the sew along, I have been going over that one in my head over and over. My trouble is picking out colors so still contemplating. By the way, twitchy is good because it makes life interesting! 😊


love the faded look of that quilt!


Thanks for sharing the SAL info! I somehow managed to miss it and I am definitely joining in on this one!

Donna Murdock

I so identify! I finally got my snowman village quilt top finished! It only took eight years. I finished BH4 and remade a pattern that was too complicated for me whose fabric I bought in a previous decade. I’m getting close to the end of another BOM project, too. Got a UFO Valentines tiny quilt done before February 14th. It feels so good not to be wasting all those quilting dollars! There are always plenty of wonderful people I know that I want to give a quilt to’

Debbie Williams

I have 13 tops in my "to be quilted" stack, so I can appreciate your predicament.


Oh, it looks great!

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