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April 19, 2023



How sorry I am for the loss of Ozzie, and I can understand your feelings. Though I never considered myself a true dog-lover, I cried like a baby when we had to put down each of our two pugs. The house seemed awfully empty afterwards. I must say that quilting brought some comfort during that time. Dickens would never be more than a few inches away while I sewed (or did anything else), so his absence was deeply felt. I hope you are comforted with happy memories and the knowledge that you cared for Ozzie with much love.

T Holzer

Take care, my friend.


Oh, how this hurts!I am sorry, this sweet dog will be forever missed...been there...too often. I always remember what my Dad used to tell me...we make a deal when we get them...we will outlive them, and be's just how it goes when you have pets---you likely outlive them. Just hole in your heart, find peace. Bev


Please be gentle with yourselves as you take time to mourn Ozzie. One day in the future you'll be able to talk about his funny & not-so-funny antics, I promise. He was a good boy & you gave him a wonderful life. We'll be right here waiting, so don't make yourself rush back. ❤️


Please be patient with yourselves! It is so hard and heart-wrenching to lose a pet! They are part of your family and you need time to mourn and grieve! I'm so thankful you had 16 yrs with him - that's why it's so painful!! Cry and don't feel guilty - be kind to yourselves and you will heal - post pictures every day here if it helps - pet owners get it! Sending you love and hugs!

Mary Kastner

Take care. It is so hard. When our dog died we were devastated . It takes time for sure.


he was the best boy...always under foot and in to something.

Bonnie Thompson

So sorry. Take care of yourselves.


Extending my condolences to such a big part of your life and your home. Ozzie will be the source of many memories for you.
Bonnie in Minneapolis


My heart goes out to you. It is so devastating to lose a pet. Ozzie had a wonderful life with you right up till the end. I hope the happy memories will bring you and your husband comfort.


So sorry about your dear Ozzie. It certainly sounds like a shock. Take care of yourself and know our thoughts are with you. xoxo

Nancy B

Thinking of you and your family Nicole. Sending cyber hugs. Life changes so much after they are gone. I'm sure Ozzie was much loved and his terrier antics will leave a hole in your hearts.

Carol in Texas

Oh, Ncole! I am just now learning about Ozzie! That precious dog! I am so, so sorry to hear he has left this earth. I’m glad he was well till the night before his illness. But I cannot imagine the hole he has left in your life. What a blessing he was to your family, and vice versa! Pets are such wonderful additions to our lives and when they leave us, the pain is so great. You have my deepest sympathies.


He sure was a sharp looking fellow. Soothing wishes and prayers are sent to heal your broken heart.


He will be missed and remembered. I bawled my eyes out for months after my cat passed after almost 18 years. I still remember her sweet face. I did end up getting two kitties and that has helped me immensely. Our whole family really needs to have fur babies in our lives. Hang in there.


Take all the time you need. Our pug Koko left us 4 years ago, and still not a day goes by that her name isn't mentioned. He will always be with you in spirit.


I’m so sorry. It is so heartbreaking .take care of each other. Hugs from here.

Christine Cole

I'm so sorry about the loss of your sweet Ozzie. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet, they are such special family members. Sending you lots of hugs.


Pet losses are hard to take, especially when they are sudden and unexpected. Please take solace in the fact that Ozzie lived well til the end instead of suffering a slow, debilitating illness. Sudden is harder on survivors, but slow is harder on the one who dies, a lesson I learned watching my grandparents die many years ago, and reinforced as we have dealt with the deaths of many beloved pets over the years. I've ultimately decided that I'd willingly bear the pain of the sudden loss to spare the ones I love the pain of suffering, not that I actually have the choice. Revel in the memories, and do something creative to honor him. That can be a terrific healer of grief.

Jan Smith

You gave Ozzie a wonderful, loving life. I’ve enjoyed your blog for years, and never commented until I saw your previous post. He was a big part of your blog, and I can’t be alone in the pleasure of reading of him. Thank you 💕

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