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April 26, 2023


sue s

RE: 8 yds background fabric- this has really made me look for patterns that have bigger blocks and less solid backgrounds. I'm also using scrappier background fabrics because I don't like all the white space. I do my own quilting and I'm not good enough to fill all that white!


Enjoy the walks! So good for the mind and soul. This recipe sounds tasty. Will give it a try!


That's a lot of fabric for a quilt background! I'd probably go for a table topper or runner! OK...I first read it as Charred COLE Slaw! My brain wasn't processing how that would even work! Corn makes much more sense! At any rate, it's nice you're getting to write on different topics & lifestyle posts are right up your alley!


how to throw a great 4th party?
hire you son-in-law. please include his contact info and hourly rate.

a good thing about getting a new pup last year is that he needs lots of exercise so he gets walked 5.5 miles a day rain or shine. with the weather turning warm again it makes it tricky. we both need shade.

try to stay cool...I complained all winter about being cold and now I will be complaining about walking in the heat. ;p


Would love the name of your folding clothes dryer!!

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