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April 07, 2023



Happy Easter Nicole to you and your family! Spring can’t come fast enough this year. Your flower pictures certainly lift my spirits as we just got another dump of snow! Enjoy the weekend!


Moving from snow into "mud" season here in western Maine! Sending thanks for the flower photos. xoxo


Sorry about crappy week. Hope things will look up soon. We’ve been battling all the weeds here in the high desert. I’m afraid to see what’s under all the snow at our little cabin. Lots of work there too I bet. Your blocks are looking great. I’m hoping to get in the sewing room today myself. Happy Easter!

Mary Kastner

The flowers are beautiful! Happy Easter to you and your family! Enjoy!



Your girls look like they're having fun! Sara is looking more & more like you! The flowers at the winery are gorgeous...I think I can smell them from here! We had another 5" of snow in Western Wyoming earlier this week, but as they say, we need the moisture. Perhaps we'll get Spring in a month or so! Have a nice Easter weekend! 🌷🌼🌸

Debbie R.

Have a good Easter weekend, and I hope that next week is better for you!


relationships are hard. :( sometimes I just want to stay in bed and ignore everyone and everything.

I haven't made lamb chops in ages. My husband loves them. I do too.

the sky is gloomy here. I've been staying up late and working on the monsters applique. it calms my mind.


Happy Easter! Sara looks like a mini me I think, such pretty girls! Is the winery you went to Iromstone? I know they have really pretty gardens and bulbs this time of year. Hope your week gets better!


Sending big hugs and positive thoughts your way. Hope next week is better! Sara and Eva look pretty and happy.

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