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April 12, 2023



I have made these muffins with a chocolate cake mix and they were amazing! Chocolatey but no pumpkin taste, moist and yummy.

Barbara Groeschell

Didn’t see yesterday’s post until today but love your Antique Star quilt. I know I have that pattern if only I had the time.


I make this recipe using the spice cake mix with 1 can of apple pie filling and 3 eggs and pour into a 9x13 pan. Bake and ice it with cream cheese icing. It’s delicious and I always get rave reviews. I must try the muffin version. Thanks for sharing.


I've received those kinds of emails too, the oddest being "I put the quilt in my cart but can't figure out how to pay for it." I don't know what "cart" she was referring to because there is not any purchase mechanism on my blog. The only thing I can think of is that some people can't distinguish between a blog and a retail site.

Happy quilting, and baking!

Susan W

Yes, you are always very clear about the sources of your patterns and fabrics. Unfortunately, there are many scam websites that steal photos from blogs and then put up fake stores 'selling' the items. They look very real and when people 'order' the money is gone. I hope that is not what is happening with the beautiful photos of your quilts, but I have seen this happen.
The ones I have seen are stolen photos put on an instagram 'store' with an 'order now' button on the bottom. I was the victim of a fake LLBean site on Instagram that had stolen the photos of clothing items from the actual LLBean catalog website. It looked very official, but after paying I noticed that the money went to a foreign address. Fortunately, I had paid using PayPal and they returned my funds. I reported the site to both PayPal and LLBean, but it 'disappeared' from my feed as soon as I placed the order. I also follow a blogger who makes beautiful hand sewn clothing for herself (not for sale). She has had photos of her completed clothing advertised as 'for sale' on supposed online stores based in another country.


Sadly, I think Susan W., above, has hit the nail on the head. Scammers are coming up with endless ways to extract money from folks. You always...always!...give us your source of information or purchase point. Even when it's an older UFO you seem to be able to put your finger on where you found or bought it. Those muffins look & sound delicious! Good for Eva sourcing an easy recipe that tastes as yummy as it looks!


yep, Susan above has nailed it. the scam hit someone I follow on IG. her patterns are being illegally sold. she can't get IG or Facebook to take down the accounts. they just don't care.

I hope you have a peaceful week.


Those muffins look yummy-- Yay Eva!

Bummer about the scam sites -- what a frustration!


People don’t read! They just look at the pics….
I hate to say I have a hubs like that ;)


Sounds like a scam. However, I have bought many books and patterns based on what you have made!

Beverly Custer

Oh, no...I'm so sorry to hear about that scamp, Ozzie...I loved him in your photos...Bev

cora hayes

I am looking for the pineapple 6x12 ruler Google keeps sending me to your site. Do you have them to sell


Bless Eva for finding such a quick and easy recipe! I love to bake treats but sometimes I too get asked when I'm just not in the mood. Will have to google those recipes!

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