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May 25, 2023



Oh yes, I’ve experienced dithering-itis too. Sometimes, I snap out of it by just taking a nap to stop the overwhelm. This too shall pass! I’m curious if the deer stayed for awhile. It’s a beauty.


I have been dithering a bit too. I have a quilt loaded and calling me to come and finish her up but just can’t get myself to do it. Yesterday it was a bit cooler so I baked most of the day. Freezer has baked goods for the coming heat but not much else around here has been done. The weeds are calling too. All the rain has revived plants but brought the weeds along too. Hope you can get focused or just settle on sitting down with a good book to enjoy.


Very scattered since early Spring. Too many personal issues to overthink,. Wedding coming up. Too many self-imposed quilting deadlines. Maybe it’s garden time! Anyway, nice to know it isn’t just me. Yes, it will pass. <3

Linda K. Smith

Good to know I'm not alone on this topic. I've had a really difficult time getting myself to finish things lately, whether it's finishing off some small quilt tops, working on garden projects, or just things that need done around the house. I wish I could get off of dead center!


I can completely relate to feeling scattered. Sometimes I go to sew and after about 15 minutes am antsy to go do something else (without really knowing exactly what...jeesh). I am doing the Sunny Patches quilt-along (thanks to your bringing it to my attention) and for the first time ever am actually keeping up! Hang in there and give yourself credit for the progress you do make!


I've had that scattered feeling so, for lack of a better reason, I looked up 'Spring Fever' online. It's a feeling of restlessness with the onset of warmer weather...although it's not actually a medical term! Maybe that would explain you dithering about? It was a longer than normal winter & perhaps you have a more noticeable case? Cute photo of the deer. It must feel safe in that little corner.


I'm sewing along with Corey and enjoying the simplicity of the blocks so far. The different setting of the blocks in the finished quilt caught my eye. Dithering? Caused by an active mind filled with enjoyable activities.


Grief comes and goes, and it takes many forms. Be gentle with yourself. You’ve lost your dad and Ozzie. It’s okay not to do everything right now, or maybe even ever.


I haven't been able to concentrate on much for months. honestly, I've wondered if it is a side-effect of having been sick last fall. :( I hate it.

Just one more row of sashing and the monster top will be complete. then on to sewing the backing so I can get this one of my list.

I do find walking helps to clear my mind. maybe Eva's deer will join you?


Your projects are lovely. And what a sweet photo of the deer. As for dithering, for some reason this week has had me highly on task. But it's not unusual for quilters to flit between this and that, that's part of the attraction of the craft. Always something different to work on. Just enjoy the process.

Barbara Groeschell

You little visitor maybe too full to move after eating all of your beautiful plants!!

sue s

I have spent several days this week "frozen" on the couch- do I do this? or this? So nothing gets done. I did finally force myself outside to attack our landscaping project yesterday. Hubby came out to help and we got a lot done! Maybe it's a timing issue as we spin our wheels. I knew my plants were tired of sitting in their pots getting root bound. Love the baby deer pic.

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