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May 31, 2023



She's a cutie for sure! My granddaughter has to deal with daddy/daughter dances. Unfortunately, her parents are divorced; and dad spends a total of three hours with her each month. She has to sit those dances out. I'd prefer she was able to go to one where the girls dance and the boys stay on the other side of the room!

Peggie Riccio

Good Morning, Nicole-
Oh, how precious is Eva? That hairdo is something else....especially the back. It is so pretty the way she has the soft curls cascading, and the shade of her hair is so natural. The dance, or should I say the 'stand' is painful, isn't it? I remember those days, but somehow we got through it, as Eva and friends will. And the poor boys.....take pity, they know not what they are doing! Somehow it all works out.

I tried to answer you the other day about the job thingy...the email kept coming back as undeliverable, but it was my mind that was not to be delivered! Anyway, I found this way to get to you, so it worked out, I think. So, you missed my words of wisdom, in my estimation only, Nicole. Heads up, you are better than they are.

Have a great day, thanks for the book suggestions, as always. I'll read you next time.

-Peggie Riccio
Fremont, NH


How can Eva be graduating from 6th grade already! She looks so grown up in these photos. Time sure seems to pass quickly when you have a young try child in your life.


The previous comment was supposed to say that time passes quickly when you have a young child in your life. Where in the world did that word “try” come from? (That error is probably a sample of what your former employer can look forward to since they chose to replace you with who-knows-what).


Eva is just the age my girls are. One has hair that does anything you want and the other not so much. Calling in a professional is the way to go. I remember dance lessons as part of the middle school gym class. Boys didn't like it but no excuse to not other than the scary part of being near a girl! Love Eva's dress and hair and everything. So charming. Hard to imagine how quickly Eva is growing up. Seventh grade looms.


Your granddaughter Eva is beautiful and growing up so fast! I love her skirt and blouse. I bet you had so much fun taking her to your hairstylist.


Eva looks so pretty! It makes me happy to know that some things haven't changed.


Some things never change...don't we all remember the days with girls on one side & boys on the other?! Eva & her friends will be 'discovered' by those boys soon enough! Her hair-do & summery outfit are perfect!


ugh...the dreaded storage area in the garage. everyone has one. ours is a shed in the backyard. once your nephew has moved things might move a little at your dad's house. grief is so hard.

doesn't Eva look just beautiful? so much like Sara. I'm glad she had fun but graduation already? how? when? why? ;p


That Eva is a real beauty! Her dad will need to stand guard with the proverbial shotgun! :) Thanks for the excellent book suggestions, they might need to be on my shopping/download list.

Dianne R

Eva looks so sweet and beautiful. I can't believe she's going into 7th grade. Time sure doesn't stand still even though we wish it would. Our grandchildren seem to grow up so fast.


Eva is simply beautiful and her hair was outstanding! More importantly she has a sweet demeanour! I too like others can’t believe she’s headed to Grade 7. Time certainly flies!!!
As to your previous post about AI …I think mankind is on a slippery slope! My professor friends tell me that students are already using it to write papers. I think we will end up like those blobs floating in their space craft like in the move Wall E!!!
You are a beautiful writer Nicole! No computer program can replace human creativity!


Eva is beautiful!. I’m reminded of my first date with 8 scrawny teenagers crammed into a big sedan. I think I said a total of 20 words to my date. Such an awkward age.


Wow how beautiful Eva is! Love the hairdo and outfit plus great retelling of the dance! Love watching her grow up!

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