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May 15, 2023



What a busy week! Celebrating with Eva & Sara looks like fun! Your flowers will be blooming in no time with nice, warm weather! I do hope you get some sewing time in this week!

Dona Zarosinski

A busy week for you! Now….tell me about that yellow china!! Love it! and your daughter sure looks like the Shyne girls! Happy Mother’s Day.

Pamela Dempsey

Looks like a great time! Love your porches and plants 🥰


how did you get out of bed this morning? ;p I also noticed the beautiful china that Dona noticed.

you did a lovely job getting my porch ready for summer. morning coffee outdoors is like camping without all dirt. ;o


Glad to see you survived your horribly busy week. A belated Happy Mothers Day to you and also belated Happy Birthday to Sara.

Your chocolate mousse looks scrumptious, and I agree with the others about your beautiful yellow china. You do have some beautiful china patterns that you have posted over the years when you have your dining table set for holidays or different occasions. I think I recognize this one because I love looking at "tablescapes" and discovering beautiful patterns! :)

Pam O

Lovely photo of Sara and Eva.
Always wonderful to get pots and baskets planted.
Porch looks delightful.h

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