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May 08, 2023


T Holzer

This quilt will be amazing! The colours are so pretty! I tried to get my hands on this book, but it was nowhere to be found. Good luck with your writing this week...that seems like a lot.


You amaze me by how much you get done while still working! Seriously, how do you do it?! Summer Memories is going to be a beautiful quilt.


I agree with Carol! How do you do it??? Plus read a million books! I’m always impressed with you Nicole! Have a fun and productive week! Cheers!


your blocks are simply beautiful! Ditto amazement of the other ladies commenting on how much you accomplish - you are a wonder!


Be sure to reward yourself for completing parts of your writing assignment each day by sewing for a little while! If your past juggling of a busy life is any indicator, I think you're going to push through the week making it look effortless! Good luck & we'll see you on Friday with the results! 🍀


I also thought these blocks took time! I really needed to concentrate, and I still had to unpick one seam. This will be such a cute quilt when complete-I just might need extra time to finish!


beautiful! your color selection is just lovely. you have a crazy week ahead of you....may the force be with you. also, do what Jan said. reward yourself.

Debbie R.

The blocks and colours are gorgeous! Good luck with your work assignments this week!


I’m pretty impressed with your finished blocks. Gonna be a beauty of a quilt. Happy writing.

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