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May 18, 2023



Hurray for finishing Weeks 1 & 2! Hummingbirds visit us later in the summer so we plant bright red & pink flowers 🌺🌸 below the feeder which are supposed to attract them.

Gwynette in NWArkansas

Nicole, I have five feeders like your new one and have used them for ten years. Bought them at Walmart for less than $5.00 each. I keep them washed and rinsed and have had no problems with them being plastic. Many times during the day, the ten feeder holes in each has a hummer sucking up sugar red dye…and several hovering just above waiting for their turn. Our porch is alive with the hum of wings and occasional squeak of a pushed aside bird. Enjoy your feeders and birds for years to come!!!


we have a small yard, and put out 5 feeders around the house to combat the "feeder hording" behavior. FEED FORMULA is 1:4
one part sugar (1/4 cup)
four parts water (1 cup)




we get a fair amount of humming birds attracted to the different plants in our yard. there is some battling at times but they seem to work it out.

I stopped using a feeder because of the cleaning care required. ;p

those blocks are beautiful! I really love the colors you chose.

Enjoy the cooler weather today. yesterday was glorious...low 70s.

sue s

Your blocks are looking good!
My only tip is to keep it clean. We have an ant problem as well, so I've been putting Crisco on the pole and that seems to help. Only sugar water- no red. My bird numbers are low but they still fight if there are two of them.I have an oriole feeder on the same pole and the hummers have been known to take a sip there too.

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