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May 05, 2023


Barbara Groeschell

Thanks for the great information and comparisons. I’ve been drawing a line and then squaring up. Papers sound much easier.

Nancy Watkins

I have used the Star Singles only. I like the thought of thinner paper. I may need to branch out. I do find it a bit boring to sew on paper but the end result is fantastic!


Star singles are my first choice for HST’s too. My only issue with PG’s papers are the stitching lines are all in the same diagonal direction and it seems to waste a lot of thread, and if the fabric isn’t starched heavily enough they get distorted. Laundry Basket quilts also makes HST papers in small sizes, their paper is similar to newsprint and stitching is done similarly to Star Singles.


Thanks for reviewing the various types of HST papers. In the past I drew lines & sewed ¼" on either side. More recently I've used Doug Leko's Simple Folded Corners rulers. I find that although they require more fabric my results are much more accurate. It's warming up a bit in NW Wyoming...a bit. Wishing you a productive weekend with your sisters although that's never an easy task.


It's been chilly here and I've actually enjoyed it? So much easier to walk with the dog in cool weather.

Tearing off paper is good activity while watching a movie or while dinner is in the oven and you can finally sit down with a glass of wine. ;p

I'll be thinking about you this weekend. It's never an easy job.


Wow, thanks for the great review of HST papers. I’ve often wondered which type would be the best to use - the only one I have experience with is Thangles, which we had to buy for the intro to quilting class. I typically use the “make 8 at a time” instructions that I found on Sew’n Wild Oats blog, which may look lot like your Star Singles, sans paper. I think you quilt is going to be lovely; I hope you do have time this weekend to work on it.


I commented above with my opinions on HST papers, but was so focused on the ones you mentioned that I forgot to tell you about what I think is an even better option, especially when you’re making larger quantities.It’s a Computer CD by Brenda Hennings called Triangulations 4.0 It contains PDF’s that you can print as needed. I buy a ream of 8.5 by 11 white newsprint and it works wonderfully. It originally only included HST’s in basic sizes, but it’s now in its 4th edition and includes so much more. (HST’s in 1/16” increments, QST’s, Flying Geese, and HST strips all in many more sizes than the original CD) I just upgraded to the new version. It’s available on Amazon for about $20.

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