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June 02, 2023


Pamela Dempsey

Your mushrooms 🍄 do sound good and will be trying them! 😋 will be looking for the Jennifer Ryan books, thanks! 🥰


That looks like a yummy recipe. I read and enjoyed that book. Sweet story. I’m not sure how we got to June so fast. Have a great weekend and don’t give up on the HST’s.


I understand the HST repetition 'stealing your sewing mojo'. You've accomplished so many of them you probably will have to just power through the rest. And, I agree you'll be happy that you did! Your Caprese Chicken Mushrooms make my mouth is water for dinner in the morning! Enjoy some time reading that book today & have a good weekend!


I have a roasted mushroom lasagna recipe from Cooks Ills. that I make for dinner parties. It feeds an army and costs way too much $ on mushrooms but it is always loved. ;p

I'll take dull any day vs. being pulled in a million directions. I hate feeling rushed.

I got the monster quilt done(including the backing) and pulled out the next UFO to work on. Maybe make a table runner or something to keep your sewing spirits up?


I love anything Jennifer Ryan and really enjoyed this book. Actually any reading about WWII will hold my attention.

Thanks for the recipe; I'm assuming its WW friendly!

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