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June 08, 2023



Your sewing room is beautiful! Congrats on your beautiful finish!


Your sewing room looks great Nicole but you’re finished and almost finished quilts look even better!!!

Carol L

Your basket quilt is going to be beautiful, hang in there with it. Hard to keep a sewing room clean when you are busy creating beautiful quilts!!
Carol L

T Holzer

Looking great, Nicole! Those puttering days are the best! And your summer memories is stunning. I went back three times to look at the picture again! One day I'll get my hands on this book... Enjoy your day!

Lisa D.

Opening Day was one of my favorite quilts to make. Your version is beautiful! Your sewing space looks great. It's amazing how a little tidy can get those creative juices flowing again. I love your new Halloween quilt, too.


Such a nice feeling, isn't it? Good to know I'm not the only one that sometimes has to do some cleaning up! Someone is going to receive a very nice gift with your first quilt! And your Summer Memories quilt is beautiful.


You had a productive day in your sewing room! 'Opening Day' will make a treasured gift for the lucky recipient! A big tidy-up once in awhile can be just what we need to get busy & enjoy sewing when we're in a slump. Go! Fill up that design wall again!

Stephani in N. TX

Bravo on your Opening Day quilt. I bought that pattern as a new quilter, and alas it was too intimidating; maybe now? Your new Summer Memories quilt will be a beauty. I love the pattern but I'm at the end of my quilting trail-blazing and it's too much for me. Glad you could rescue your sewing room. I have my machine on my dining room table and my new 12 inch blocks are all spread out - one to a dining room chair. So, now I'm working on two rooms to tidy up. You have accomplished a lot in your allotted time, good job.


those basket blocks are gorgeous! a 12 yr old UFO? I bet I can match that. ;p

window cleaning service is coming next Wednesday. that means I need to tidy sewing room so they can ACTUALLY reach the window. ;0 what a mess.

Debbie R.

Cleaning up the sewing room is so therapeutic, as well as a boost for energy and creativity. Your sewing room looks great, and so inviting. We look forward to watching what comes out of it.
Opening Day looks great. And Summer Memories is going to be absolutely gorgeous. So glad you are persevering on that one.

Jennifer in Indy

Way to go on the finish and the cleanup - it always feels good to have a clean slate!

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