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June 09, 2023



All is right with the world when the sewing room cooperates! Sew happy for you! The ghost fabric in the small stars is just so darn cute— I love everything you’re doing. Have a great weekend! Xoxo

Nancy Watkins

I love the patterns that tell you what size your block should be as you see along. The Halloween one looks fun. Looking hood!

Nancy Watkins

Good grief! I meant to say looking good!


Love that Halloween fabric! Measuring/squaring up makes a huge difference. It's not my favorite thing to do, but it pays off! You're on a roll...just like Eva! Have a nice weekend!

sue s

I agree about the squaring up! I really feel kind of uncertain when a many-part block doesn't have them. I love the colors of the designer blocks!


I really appreciate books/patterns that tell you how big a block or unit should be so I can double check and trim, as necessary. Your blocks are beautiful and way to go on organizing your space - enjoy!

Annie O

Accuracy always lessens the cursing in my sewing life! Great blocks, glad they’re pleasing your heart.


Glad to hear things are looking up in the sewing room. Have a great weekend!

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