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July 07, 2023



Sounds so exciting and fun! I hope you all have a safe and happy time together.

Nancy B

Have a great time with your son!! I hope the food and drink are relaxing. I hope the weather cooperates. And I am imagining what cuteness is implied in your cryptic hints!!


Oh, how exciting! Have a wonderful visit with Ahren, isn't it amazing when our babies come home to stay for awhile? Can't wait to see your surprise but I have a sneaking suspicion there might be little paws in your future?

Debbie R.

Enjoy your vacation and family time! Looking forward to seeing your surprise ... woof?!


How fun to have Ahren home for a visit! I'm thinking that the surprise may just be what the others have suggested...🐾🐾

Mary Kastner

Enjoy every minute!


Nothing beats a visit from our kids. Enjoy the time together. So happy for you all.


Have a wonderful time with your son and forget about us in blogland!! Just soak up family time!!♥️


have the BEST time! also, traffic. ugh.


Have an absolute wonderful time with your family! So happy that Ahren can come for a visit. We'll be here when you return and look forward to all the surprises in the future!

Karen Seemuth

I’m thinking puppy!

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