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July 10, 2023


Nancy B

Looks like a wonderful time. What lovely views! This may become known as the aerobic vacation with a 'built in'stairstep included! Hoping you have a great week - social media at a minimum, and the weather fully cooperates.


How lovely it is there! My son wants to make homemade pasta. Could you please tell me what machine you are using. Do you recommend,etc. thank you.Enjoy the time with your son and granddaughter.
I have just one son, so special to me. He gave me a bday card a few years ago that said “ Mom, wherever you are is home to me”. I still cry thinking if it. I feel so loved and lucky.

Mary Kastner

Enjoy every minute!


My husband and I honeymooned at Lake Tahoe 50 years ago and have been back often. One of the prettiest spots. Enjoy!


I almost bought that pasta machine last year. I kept wavering because I was afraid the cleaning of it, after use, would just be too much for my arthritic hands. I was so torn. Do you love it? fresh pasta is so wonderful.

It's a good time to be up in the mountains where the temp will be cooler than home. Have a wonderful time.


Enjoy every minute of your time together! 🥰

T Holzer

Beautiful! Enjoy your family!!


Oh my goodness, how beautiful Lake Tahoe is!! I haven't been back in almost 20 years, but have fond memories of past vacations.

Have an absolute wonderful time together, with laughter, food, fun, and games galore.


We love to play Society Rummy. It starts with 7 cards, progresses to 13, and each had you have to save something different. Lots of fun, once you get the hang of it!

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